Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I purchase tickets?

In the current COVID-19 scenario, we are only selling Pre-purchased tickets ONLINE or via the Portarlington Post Office. 

This is to ensure we can manage the number of people on board, due to limited and allocated seating, and to ensure the boarding process is effective and safe.

When boarding you can present your pre-purchased ticket via your electronic device or in a printed version.

How does seating work?

In the current COVID-19 situation we have reduced seating available to allow for adequate social distancing.

124 passengers per service (100 indoor seats and 24 outdoor seats).

You MUST pre-book a ticket ONLINE or via the Portarlington Post Office. No tickets will be sold at the vessel.

This allows us to manage the seating capacity 

Designated seating

Seats onboard the ferry will be clearly marked to abide with social distancing guidelines.

Book together to sit together

Seating arrangements for up to 4 passengers will be available to accommodate passengers from the same household who are traveling together – but please note, you must all book together to sit together.

Can I take a bicycle on board? Is there any extra charge?

Bicycles are most welcome, and we do not currently charge for bicycles to come on board.
Isn’t that spoketacular?! We can only carry 20 bikes at a time on each vessel, so make sure to book in a rack to avoid disappointment. Please also allow extra boarding time to load and secure bikes.

Can I bring a motorcycle or vespa-style scooter on-board?

Negative. Unfortunately, we cannot allow vespas or motorbikes onboard our vessels – but we do accomodate wheelchairs and motorised mobility scooters onboard our ferries for those with accessibility needs.

What's the age limit for Children travelling alone?

All children 12 years of age or under must be accompanied by a parent or guardian while on
board the Ferry or within the Ferry Docking Area. Children 13 years and above can travel on their own.

What happens in the event that the ferry service has been delayed or cancelled?

Any decision to cancel or delay the scheduled ferry service may be as a result of adverse weather conditions and/or technical failures. Any decision to cancel a service will be made to ensure the safety of our passengers, crew and the vessel and the likely impact on passenger comfort.

Customers will be advised as soon as any decisions are made to adjust the schedule via our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter channels. We will also have alerts on our website. If you would like to receive SMS alerts direct to your mobile phone, please email us at with your full name and mobile number.

Can I use my Myki on the vessel?

This ferry is a privately owned and operated business and it is not currently linked to the public transport system.

Do you sell gift vouchers?

You betcha! Our gift cards are live and for sale. Woohoo. They can be purchased here or via the purple ‘Book’ button above our main menu.

Can I take my pet on board?
Guide dogs and assistance pets are welcome on board our vessels, provided you and your assistance animal carry the appropriate / valid accreditation to travel.
Other pets or animals are not permitted on board. Our vessel does not have the space or facilities to cater for animals and the decision is made for the comfort of the pets and other passengers. We appreciate your understanding.

Geelong Service

When does the Geelong to Docklands service commence?

It’s started! The Geelong / Docklands service commenced on Monday 2nd December 2019, with two services daily between Geelong and Docklands. Head to our Geelong page for the full scoop.

What’s the deal with parking on The Pier?

Free Parking Offer
Travellers on the 6:45am service can access FREE parking on Cunningham Pier when pre-booking online. There are a couple of T&C’s, but take a look at our Geelong Parking Offer to get the full scoop.

If you fall outside of this offer, here is some additional information for parking on Cunningham Pier:

Standard Parking Rates
– A standard flat rate of $12 applies for all other weekday parking
– Parking is free on free on weekends
– Please note there may be changed parking conditions during public events and on public holidays

How parking works on The Pier
There are 150 parking spots available on The Pier, including 4 accessible parking bays. Cunningham Pier do not reserve parking spaces. Spots are allocated on a first come, first served basis, so it is recommended to get in early to secure a park. Also be sure to allow time to find another suitable car park elsewhere if there are no spots left.

Our Vessels

Is there a café on-board the ferry?

Yes. Yes. Yes! 🎉
We have cafés onboard on both vessels, so you can get your coffee fix during the journey. Not to mention, we have other cold drinks and sweet and savoury snacks from the likes of Bellarine Smokehouse and Manzanillo olive grove.

Please note there will be no alcohol sales on board for the time-being:
Due to the current State Government restrictions, there will be NO service of alcohol permitted onboard our vessels until otherwise advised. We thank you for your understanding.

Are there toilets on board?

We have four toilets on board each vessel, all on the lower deck. We also have bathrooms that meet accessibility needs.

Do your vessels accommodate prams?

Yes. Passengers are more than welcome to bring prams on board. We have accessible areas on the bottom level on the ferry that will allow for you to park or sit next to your pram during the journey.

What's the procedure for Lost Property?

If you believe you have lost property on the ferry, please email us at with the following details to log your item: Full Name, Lost item, Date of item lost, Phone number.

The operations team will then be in touch, only if that item was located. These emails will be monitored within business hours of Mon – Fri, 9 -5pm. If item is located, it will be held at our office in Docklands for collection. Any unclaimed items will be donated to charity or disposed of responsibly after 60 days.


Do you accept Companion Cards?

We certainly do accept companion cards.

We suggest calling our Customer Care line on (03) 9514 8959 or emailing to add a companion traveller to an existing booking. 

Can we take wheelchairs or motorised mobility scooters on board?

Yes! We facilitate wheelchairs and motorised mobility scooters on board our ferries. This provides access to our café, bathrooms and fabulous views on our lower deck. We use ramps to board, and there are limited steps to access the ferry.

Can I bring an assistance pet or guide dog on board?

Guide dogs and assistance pets are welcome on board our vessels, provided you and your assistance animal carry the appropriate valid accreditation to travel.

No other pets or animals are permitted on board in any circumstance. Our vessel does not have the space or facilities to cater for pets and the decision is made for the comfort of the pets and other passengers. We thank you for your understanding.

Do you offer Priority Seating?

Yes! Our priority seats are red and are marked with signage for easy identification.

Parking and Transport

What are the parking options at your three locations?

There is ample all-day parking within close proximity to where we depart at Portarlington Pier. This parking is all free (huzzah!). For commuters wanting to park all day, we recommend parking in Henderson’s Reserve in front of the bowls club.

Geelong commuters – we’ve got some very exciting news!! FREE parking on Cunningham Pier if you pre-book. Yes, there are some T&C’s, so take a look at our Geelong Parking Offer, and book your spot now.

If you fall outside of this offer, you can head here for some information on parking options in Central Geelong.

Take a look at look at this handy little website for Parking options in and around Docklands. Simply enter the date and times you are looking to park, and it will recommend the best options.

What options are there for getting around The Bellarine once we disembark in Portarlington?

There is a great variety of winery tours, scenic tours or tailored transport options for getting around the Bellarine Peninsula.
Head to our ‘Destination – Portarlington’ page for a full rundown on what to do and how to get around. Have a super time!

Where are the nearest public transport options at Docklands?

We dock extremely close to the Free CBD tram network and are only a short walk away from Southern Cross Station. Find more information on our location and access to transport here.

Luggage and Storage

Can I take luggage on board?

We do have luggage racks where you can leave your luggage for the duration of the journey.

You cannot leave your luggage on the vessel if you are exiting the ferry. We do not have any luggage storage or holding space at either of our docks. 

Can I send unaccompanied freight or luggage on the ferry to be collected at the other end?

No, sorry. Port Phillip Ferries does not accept the transit of unaccompanied items on the ferry, including bags, luggage or other freight.

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