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Bicycle Policy for Ferry Travel

Bicycle Policy for Ferry Travel

We strive to provide a safe and enjoyable travel experience for everyone on our ferry. To ensure the safety of passengers and the proper functioning of our bike racks, we have established the following bicycle policy:

Standard Size Bicycles Only:

  • We welcome standard-size bicycles on board our ferry.
  • Standard bicycles are those with typical dimensions that allow them to be securely placed in standard sized bike racks.

Oversized Bikes and Trikes:

  • Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate oversized bicycles or tricycles on our ferry.
  • Oversized bikes may not fit securely in our racks, leading to potential damage during the journey.
  • If you try and board with an oversized bicycle or tricycle you may be refused travel by our Master.

Securing Bicycles Properly:

  • The safety of our passengers and their belongings is our top priority.
  • When boarding with your bicycles, hang your bike in the onboard bike rack at the rear of the vessel. The crew will secure all bikes before departure to prevent any movement or potential damage during the ferry ride.
  • When travelling with your bike you are doing this at your own risk. PPF will not be responsible for any damages and or loss during transit.

Why the Restrictions?

  • Oversized bikes or trikes may not fit into the designated racks, compromising the safety of both the bicycle and surrounding passengers.
  • Proper securing of bicycles is essential to prevent accidents or damage during transit.

Plan Ahead:

  • We encourage passengers to plan ahead and ensure their bicycles meet the standard size criteria for ferry travel.
  • If you have any concerns about your bicycle’s eligibility, please contact our customer service in advance. The Master has the final say as to whether your bicycle fits within our specifications for travel.

Thank you for your cooperation in adhering to our bicycle policy. We appreciate your understanding and commitment to maintaining a safe and enjoyable ferry experience for all.