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Stunning shots of the Bellarine coastline

a large green landscape

Picture yourself here. Nuff said!

When you arrive in Portarlington off the ferry, there’s only one choice you need to make. Turn left or right?

Walk, ride, skate, run or skip your way along the coastline filling all your senses with pleasure and joy. Here’s what you’ll see.

The majestic You Yangs can be seen from almost any vantage point on the Northern Bellarine. Humans aren’t the only ones who to get to enjoy that view.

Image: @bennyboomills Instagram

Boats. Mussel boats. Pleasure boats. Ferry boats. Whatever floats your boat !

Image: @coastal.pix Instagram

Sunsets and sunrises. Colour for miles and miles that will take your breathe away

Image: Instagram

The Ozone + Melbourne skyline. It’s hard to take, but the people of Indented Head have to see this every day

Image: @miclarkins_photography Instagram

St Leonards Pier is sweet and serene. Tucked around the corner, past Indented Head and Portarlington, it’s worth the adventure

Image: @staceshotz Instagram

People. Getting outdoors. Friendly. Relaxed. Loving what the Bellarine has to offer. You should see it one day!

Image: @zsarajane Instagram

Main Image credit: @skycam_photography Instagram