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6 Docklands activities for the young (and young at heart)

a little boy and girl taking a selfie

Looking for an excuse to rediscover your inner child? Or maybe get out of town with the kids? With so many family-friendly activities at Harbour Town in Docklands, and the ferry to carry to you there, it’s never been so easy to achieve a bit of escapism.

Here are our top picks on a few ways to keep the whole family entertained in Docklands.

Hit a hole-in-one at GlowGolf

You might enjoy a game of golf on Sundays here or there, but there’s nothing like a glow-in-the-dark mini golf course to excite the kids and incite a little friendly family competition. GlowGolf is one of the first 18-hole indoor mini golf courses in Australia. You can putt around inside and be completely unburdened by the heat of the scorching Melbourne summer or the freezing Melbourne winter – making it the perfect year-round family activity.

Feel on top of the world on the Melbourne Star

If you’re looking to see the city from a different perspective, the Melbourne Star will give you a unique introduction to Melbourne with all its colourful lights and intriguing sights. It’s more than just a view – it’s a complete experience, with 21 cabins offering visitors a new way to engage with the vibrant city landscape. Take the flight and feast your eyes!

Get lost in Simulator World

Regardless of your age, is there anything cooler than race cars? Experience the best in motion simulator racing at Simulator World! These exclusive F1 motion simulators rival the $250,000 models that Red Bull uses for its champion driver training. You’ll never find a better F1 or V8 experience and the kids will never forget it.

Have tonnes of fun at TunzaFun

Remember gaming arcades? They were a popular part of many Australian childhoods until gaming technology entered the household – and even well after. Now you can take a step back in time with dozens of bright machines in all shapes and sizes blinking and beeping at you like the good old days, while at the same time introducing your kids to the arcade playground at TunzaFun. You can even challenge your little rascals at the games you grew up playing. Let the gaming arcade environment thrill your kids and fill you with nostalgia as you collect as many tickets as you can to take home exciting prizes.

Wander to Wonderland Junior

Wonderland Junior is a quirky inner-city fun park offering an imaginative family experience for everyone. Surprise your little ones and let your inner child out with amusement rides such as dodgem cars, a carousel, a mini swing, circus train, tea cups and more! With activities to keep the whole family entertained, you can meet Twiggy the talking tree or experience interactive programs including live shows, music performances, arts and crafts, animal visits and more!

Hit the ice at O’Brien Group Arena

When was the last time you went ice skating? It’s probably been too long! Glide like you’ve never glided before on the ice at O’Brien Group Arena. It’s the perfect place for a healthy and active day out with the family and teach your kids a new skill.

So grab the little kids (and big ones too) and head into Docklands today for an exciting family adventure!