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Sweet Times in Portarlington

a person holding a sandwich in his hand

Life is like a box of chocolates;  You never know what you’re gonna get…  Except in the case of sweet treats in Portarlington.  In this scenario, you know exactly what you’re gonna get.

Sizes, styles and saccharinity may vary but the consistent delivery of quality sweet treats in Portarlington is assured.  Check out some of our favourite spots to stop in at that will unquestionably satisfy the sweetest of teeth.


As you enter the Portarlington Bakehouse the scrumptious aromas of freshly baked indulgences will infiltrate your nostrils and the teeming display cabinets of the said-aromas will make your eyes boggle.  Perfectly puffy eclairs, towering vanilla slices, bountiful buns stuffed and smothered with utter deliciousness, jiggling jelly slices, delightful danishes, old-fashioned (and always a favourite) lamingtons, creamy custard tarts, the list goes on and on.  The Bakehouse is traditional, tasty and so very tempting with the abundance of bakery goods (and they are so very good) on offer.


Ciao Bella Gelateria bring the fresh and flavoursome Italian dessert of gelato to Portarlington and we are so delighted to be on the receiving end!  Made from scratch using state-of-the-art techniques & equipment and the freshest of ingredients are 24 out-of-this-world flavours, including mixed berry, tiramisu, meringue, dark chocolate, mango and even a homage to fromage (of sorts) Drysdale goat cheese and caramelised figs gelato!  In addition to the Ciao Bella’s repertoire of gelato and sorbet, they also have granitas, hot chocolate, coffee & iced coffee, cakes and much more.


Embrace some nostalgic feels by paying a visit to Portarlington’s classic Pier View Lolly Shop where you will lose track of time building your own lolly bag.  Grasp a paper bag, grab a scoop and wander the wall-to-wall lolly choices; sherbet bombs, strawberries & cream, peppermint leaves, freckles, pineapples, red skins, caramels, lolly teeth, hearts, mini musks.  So much choice!  Also scattered around the store are jars of boiled lollies, choccie bars, lollipops and rolls of confectionery.  Pier View truly takes you back to a time when a weekend was best spent walking to the local milk bar with a pocketful of change and making up your very own mixed bag of happiness (aka lollies).


Dan, Dan is certainly the man when it comes to Daniel’s Donuts Portarlington.  This donut store is like no other donut store you will have ever seen before.  Hundreds upon hundreds of donuts line the display cabinetry, waiting to be plucked and devoured.  There are traditional style donuts; strawberry jam, choc jam, fresh cream & jam.  There are decadently designed donuts; lemon cheesecake, vanilla slice, white choc with raspberry, Oreo cheesecake, lemon meringue.  There are innovative and inviting donuts; Golden Gaytime, Nutella with caramel popcorn, blue heaven custard, Nutella with Snickers Podnut.  And so, so, many more donuts including, gluten free and vegan friendly.  You are going to go into a donut delirium when you visit Daniel’s.


Sip some sweetness at the newest store to join the Portarlington community; Portovino – wine bar and wine store.  Portovino stock an extensive range of dessert/fortified wines that hail from the Bellarine and surrounding Surf Coast area.  The nectarous line-up includes Jack Rabbit Fine Aged Muscat, Brown Magpie Botrytis Pinot Gris, Dinny Goonan Botrytis Semillion, Scotchmans Hill Late Harvest Riesling and Oakdene Late Harvest Riesling.  Take a bottle home to enjoy or sip in store out of Grandma’s beautiful old sherry glasses.  If sipping in-house, pair your wine with a Portovino dessert. The rotating dessert menu guarantees variety and of course a blissful experience.  Some desserts that have been featured thus far include  a lusciously layered icecream sandwich and a tantalising tea cup dessert (trifle made with local plums, plum jelly, oven roasted almonds, double cream, brioche soaked in Botrytis Pinot Gris and crunchy ginger and almond cookie crumble).

You can have yourself quite the sweet-capade in Portarlington!    And if you find that you still crave a smidgen more sugar, check out the range of delectable treats we stock in our onboard ferry café.  Afterall, there is always room for MORE dessert.