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How to (easily) kill 1.5 hours around Geelong’s Waterfront

a long bridge over a body of water

Where better to spend 1.5 hours exploring than Geelong, a picturesque and welcoming town – with the most vibrant backdrop that is the Waterfront.  We dock at Geelong Waterfront, just near the magical Xmas tree, which leaves you with 1.5 hours to take in all the wonders of Geelong.

What to do and see?  Geelong is by no means short of attractions.  From its cool art installations along the foreshore to the myriad of delicious restaurants and cafes scattered along the promenade.  Here are a few of our favourites.

Art – There is a treasure trove of public art to be admired as you walk along the Geelong Waterfront.  See the iconic Bollards.  So many choices to take a happy snap with; lifeguards, bathing beauties, explorers, you choose.  Take a close look at the Cargo Boxes.  Each of these are intended for you to explore and discover what is stored inside.  Admire the 7 soaring sculptures.  These are open to your interpretation; shark fins, ship sails, you decide.

Carousel –  For the young and the young at heart, take a ride on the timeless Geelong Carousel.  Watch Corio Bay and the waterfront precinct spin around you in a unique 360-degree view.  These beautifully restored horses will take you for a ride that will fill your day with so much joy.

Food – Options a plenty along the waterfront.  Choose from a multitude of scrumptious ice-cream flavours from Bliss Ice-cream or get yourself a coffee hit from Panache.

Bit of Fun – Playgrounds, sea bath, open water swimming enclosure, floating islands, diving tower and grassy picnic areas.  Shake out your picnic rug, stretch out in the sun and enjoy all the fun that Eastern Beach has to provide.

See… it’s so easy to nail the 1.5 hour visit you might have to do the Port to Geelong journey twice.