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Beauty and the bay: Why it’s better to cruise!

a small boat in a body of water

When was the last time you went for a cruise?

We don’t mean on a luxury cruise ship around the world, we mean right here on your own bay. Do you even know how amazing and diverse an experience it offers? Did you know how huge it is? They say you could fit Sydney Harbour 35 times in Port Phillip Bay!

It’s simply stunning. Cliche yes, true definitely

It’s a big bay but you’re not alone out there. People are out there for work and pleasure, but it’s all very interesting to watch.


Some of the bigger boats even need a little bit of help getting in and out. Fascinating!

Oh yeah, there’s sunsets and sunrise. They’re pretty nice. Thumbs up.

City lights are always special.

Salute to HMAS Canberra. She felt like a 10 storey building passing by.

That’s us from above. Just out there doing our thing and loving it!