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Beach Daze

a person standing on a beach near a body of water

Summer days are best spent at the beach in a complete and utter beach daze.  How does one get into this daze your ask?  Well, first take our ferry to your beach destination (Portarlington) and then follow these three simple (and extremely enjoyable) steps…



Food first right!  There are plenty of summertime grazing options in Portarlington.  For a one street town there’s enough to please everyone’s bellies.

It doesn’t get much more summer sumptuous than Fish n Chips on the beach.  Newcomb Street (the main street) is home to a choice of Fish n Chips shops.  Grab yours, walk across the street and park yourself on the sloping lawn that overlooks Port Phillip Bay, the You Yangs and the Melbourne city skyline.  Your eyes will enjoy the feast as much as your belly does.

The latest food installation to hit the shores of Portarlington is Daniels Donuts, a decadent donut haven.  Choose a classic donut like glazed or fresh jam or opt for a more summery kind-of-donut like the Golden Gaytime donut.  Take a mental note of the next flavour you want to experience because once you eat one, returning is a certainty.

Daniels Donuts



With a full stomach, the time is nigh to relax and a laze on the beach.

Portarlington Main Beach is a beautifully sheltered stretch of land.  Directly accessible from The Esplanade and stretching for 1.5km.  It is super easy to access and super spacious.  Set up for the day and enjoy splashing about in the salty sea.

A little further along the coast is Indented Heads and further along again is St Leonards.  Both of which offer more bountiful beach expanse.  The Esplanade (mentioned above) continues to track along to these destinations, again making access easy, allowing you to stop at any given time and set up for your beach laze session.

Photo Credit via Insta @kyle_photography52


And be amazed…

Finally, satisfied by your graze and rested by your laze, it is time to be amazed.  View Portarlington and its surrounds from unique angles that definitely offer the WOW factor.

Wanting to see it all?  Take in the multitude of sights on an electric bike.  Hire yours from Bella E Bikes and have fun riding and exploring the coastline of the Bellarine.  The much talked about Esplanade track will allow you to wind your way along the water’s edge from Portarlington to St Leonards, passing through seaside villages, historical topographies and of course beaches, glorious beaches.

Having seen the sights from land, it is time to see the sights from under the sea…  Snorkel the majestic Ozone Wreck, 50 metres offshore from Indented Heads.  The Ozone Wreck can be viewed from shore, and that itself is remarkable.  Step into the water though, with snorkel in place, and take in the array of water wildlife that is known to surround the wreck.

Photo Credit via Insta @ivanskorjanec


With Port Phillip Ferries on hand to whisk you away to the beachside destination of Portarlington (a gateway to the Bellarine beaches), it is so very easy to get into a beach-daze state-of-mind.

PS: Want to linger longer, and spend a few nights in town? Here’s some great accommodation ideas to check out

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