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You can almost watch the world go by from the beautiful bayside of Port. Nestled away on the Bellarine, surrounded by award-winning wineries, Portarlington is best known for its fresh mussels, beautiful vistas and stunning coastline.  This coastal village has the most delightful atmosphere that will have you falling in love with everything it offers.

We are pleased to announce we are continuing with regular Saturday services between Geelong and Portarlington until the end of January. Find more info here

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Spring Adventures… For The Family

Spring Adventures… For The Family

It’s Spring people! Get outside. Stretch the legs. Connect with the family and start planning your next adventure across the bay.  We've compiled our best picks (from both sides of the bay) and distilled into one short blog - so after you've got the low down you can...

Where to stay and walk in Portarlington

Where to stay and walk in Portarlington

The great thing about Portarlington is that everything is close by. It’s easy to access all the essentials, and finding a place to lay your head is pretty simple to do. No there aren’t any large hotels or resorts, but that’s what sort of gives the town charm. But...

The ultimate foodies guide to Portarlington

The ultimate foodies guide to Portarlington

Being a “foodie” means a true commitment to finding the newest and most exciting places to eat and drink. Foodies want something unique, something that presents a story and of most importantly places that will offer up some pretty snappy Instagram posts! Well,...

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