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Portarlington in Springtime

a large green field with trees in the background

Cover image photo credit @d0nnspics (via Insta).


The sun is shining, the colours are popping and the weather is warming  – it’s Springtime in Portarlington and the proof is in the pictures!  Check out these vibrant snaps and get some Insta inspo for the next time you are in the picture-perfect location of Portarlington.


📷 credit @sarahjmason_ (via Insta).

Beach rambles

With the water warming up, now is the time to take off those winter shoes and splash your feet through the shallows.  It’s invigorating!


📷 credit @__gracieful (via Insta).

Canola fields

You know it is Spring time when the fields are a flood of yellow.  The canola fields are in full bloom in Portarlington.


📷 credit @bellarine_queen (via Insta).


It’s Spring, why not switch to a crisp Sauvignon Blanc and sip it soaking up the magnificent views of the Bellarine wineries.


📷 credit @cjcrawfordyo (via Insta).

Daniels Donuts

The legendary decadent delights of Daniels Donuts continue to be served fresh and flavoursome to you and your belly.


📷 credit @roger4007 (via Insta).

Bike Riding

Pedal off those delicious donuts with a bike ride around glorious Portarlington and surrounds.  Bikes are welcomed on the ferry.  What better way is there to enjoy Spring than by getting out, about and active in the sunshine.


📷 credit @wayfarewanderers (via Insta).


Portarlington is famed for their mussels.  Available for your tasting pleasure all-year-round, Spring is certainly no exception. Perfectly pair them with a Bellarine vino and some beach vibes.


📷 credit @melbournewithkidz (via Insta).

Port Phillip Ferries

And let’s not forget us!  Transporting you to the Springtime sights of Portarlington.  Book your ferry passage and don’t forget to tag us in your Springtime pics.  We love some Insta love. #portphillipferries