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Australia Day in Portarlington – 26 Jan 2021

a group of people sitting at a table holding a baby in a park

The story of Australia:  Reflect, Respect, Celebrate. We’re All Part Of The Story.

‘On Australia Day, we are asked to reflect on our nation’s true history, which began tens of thousands of years ago with the First Australians – the world’s oldest living culture – and on the impact that European settlement had on our First Australians and their way of life. We respect their extensive of knowledge of land, sea and sky, which allowed them to care for Country as they would a family member. We reflect on our modern history – the waves of immigration that have shaped us into one of the world’s great multicultural success stories. We respect that, regardless of where we come from, the faith we follow or the language we grew up speaking, we are all Australian and we all have a contribution to make. And we celebrate our nation’s place in the world – a proud, ancient, multicultural nation built on shared values that allow us to enjoy the freedoms and opportunities that other nations aspire to. We celebrate Country and how the land and sky defines our Australian identity – from the saltwater to the freshwater, from the rainforest to the desert’. (National Australia Day Council 2020). This narrative from the National Australia Day Council sets the scene for Australia Day 2021 Portarlington. We invite everyone to Reflect, Respect and Celebrate.

What’s happening on the Day

The Australia Day activities in Portarlington will commence at 10am with a welcome, acknowledgment of the country, and The Story of Australia. Community club or group displays will be on show around the Rotunda forecourt. Displays from Portarlington and Drysdale Lions Club, Portarlington and St Leonards RSL Sub Branch, Bellarine Bayside/ Woofers and Walkers, Portarlington Fire Brigade, Portarlington Neighbourhood House/Community Association are being organised.

The Portarlington Senior Citizens Centre is undertaking tea and coffee and the Lions Club is conducting a sausage sizzle next to the Senior Citizens. The Portarlington Bowls and Tennis clubs are undertaking social events and sausage sizzles. Whilst the Portarlington Cricket Club is hosting the Maltese Community Australia Day celebration.

Download the program


To ensure me make the event as Covid safe as possible PCIB volunteers and four voluntary Covid Safe Marshalls will roam Newcombe, Brown and Pier Street during the day monitoring social distancing and crowd concentrations. Hand sanitizer and masks will also be available from volunteers and at the Rotunda.