About Us

Port Phillip Ferries

Port Phillip Ferries is a passenger ferry service that runs in Victoria between Portarlington on the Bellarine Peninsula and Victoria Harbour in Docklands.

 Operating 7 days per week, the service is enjoyed by daily commuters and travellers who wish to access the coast or the city with ease. Our modern 35m catamaran vessel provides a comfortable vantage point to enjoy the sights and sounds of the bay, while you read the paper, catch up on emails, or simply enjoy your trip to your destination.

The Vessel

The vessel is a 35-metre EnviroCat which seats 400 passengers indoors. There are 300 seats on the lower deck and 100 seats in the upper. You can also step out onto the back deck to experience the sea breeze or for the perfect photo opportunity. These catamarans are the most environmentally-friendly vessels operating in Australia.

The vessel boasts a lower fuel usage per passenger than a small four-cylinder car and no water-borne emissions.The hulls have been designed for low wash, very shallow draft and no external protrusions, all to protect local marine life. The high efficiency Kamewa waterjets in combination with a Humphree interceptor system provide manoeuvrability and a comfortable ride.

Our Team

Every good boat needs a good captain and a great crew, and that’s what we’ve got.

You’ll get to know them by name the more you cruise cause they all love a chat. But the fact is, they are here to help you make the most of your trip and what you can get up to at either end.

If they don’t have the answer for you they will do their best to find out. They’ll be glad share their favourite secrets on where to eat and most importantly, they are there to keep you safe and comfortable. Introduce yourself next time you’re on board.

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